Convert Torrent Files into Direct Download Links Online

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you the simplest and the easiest way to convert torrent files into direct download links with pictures and complete guide. Once the file is converted then you can easily download the torrent files using IDM even seeds are low. You can also download torrent with a browser or any other download manager if IDM is not present in your system. However, there are some popular and very reliable websites to use IDM. So here we are explaining only best website to convert torrent files to direct download links. But before going through the actual method, let’s first understand the concept of the torrent and the reason why torrent files are very popular.

Convert Torrent Files into Direct Download Links Online

Note: This method is suitable for both computer and mobile phone. That means you can convert and download torrent files into your mobile phones as well. No matter mobile phone is running on which operating system.

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What is a torrent? Why is it popular? Well, the answer is very simple. A copy of the file comes from the originating server (seed) that is available to a massive range of users to download. The file is then separate into bits of lumps. Every consumer works as each the seed and also the leech for a torrent which implies each of these clients uploads their lump of the file to alternative clients whereas at the same time downloading bits of the file they don’t have from others.

 Advantages to Convert Torrent Files into Direct Download Links Online

  • This method work on both computer and mobile phones.
  • No need of any third party software.
  • The file is being converted online.
  • No registration or signup required.
  • No need to worry about torrent health.
  • It helps to achieve best acceleration performance.
  • After the file is converted to direct download link, we can download torrents with IDM or any browser so that we can get maximum downloading speed even if the torrents has less number of seeds.
  • You can schedule downloads as per your requirement.

 Method to Convert Torrent Files into Direct Download Links 

Step 1->Go to


Step 2-> Upload the torrent file from your computer on the very first page that appears and then hit ‘Go’.

upload torrent file in zbigz

Step 3-> A pop-up will appear to select your choice for a free or a premium download. Below is the list which shows the difference between a free and a premium account.You can select the account of your choice. Here we are using a FREE account. 

download files in zbigz free or premium

Step 4-> After you select the account, you can see the screen below. Here you can see that torrent file with its size is uploaded on the website. Press the Download button so as to download the file either in your browser or in some download manager. We are using IDM as a download manager to download this file.

Download Torrent Files with IDM for Free

Step 6-> Now you can that the torrent file is ready to download.

Download Torrent Files with IDM

Step 7-> DONE!!! The only disadvantage with this method is that you can only convert torrent files to direct download links up to 1 GB. After this limit, you can go for a premium account.

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