How to check graphics in any system

How to check  graphics in any computer?

Many of us always wonder how much graphics we have in computer, how much internal graphics we have , how much memory our graphic card have or whether we even have a graphic card or not. We can easily check graphics of any Computer or any Laptop using the following steps in any windows:-

1:-Go to Run by pressing (WIN+R) or by typing Run in the windows search bar.

open graphic with run command

pause window update







2:-A dialogue box will appear, Enter dxidag and press enter.

open dxdiag


3:-Direct X Diagnostic tool named window will appear, Click on the display tab.




4:-View the Total Approx Memory Section, that is the total memory of you internal graphics in the  system.

Chech Graphics(Internal)


 5:-Click on the Render tab.

Check Graphics(Total)


6.View the Total Approx Memory Section, which is the total memory of your system. It includes both the internal and external memory of your graphic card. You can also view the name of your graphics card in the Name Section.

Total Graphics

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