How to check specifications of your laptop??

How to know specifications (i.e. RAM, Operating system, Model no, etc.)   of your laptop or computer.

There are times when we meet people and we talk about gadgets. Sometimes someone asks us what are the specifications of your laptop/computer? And most often we don’t have the answer to this question  and then we feel embarrassed and we decide to go home and search for the laptop user book to check the specifications because most of us often think that to know about the specifications of our computers/laptops (such as RAM, model no, operating system, system type, etc.), we need to keep the computer’s/laptop’s User booklet. But this is a mistake, we can know about the specifications from the laptop/computer itself. For this we need to follow some instructions in the windows which are  given below:

STEP 1:  Goto the windows search bar and type Run  OR press (windows+R) from your keyboard.



STEP 2:  A dialogue box will appear,  type msinfo32.exe in that dialogue box and press enter.



STEP 3:  A display box will appear where you can view all the specifications of your computer/laptop.

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