How to download YouTube videos on your android

How to download YouTube videos on your android without using third party app?

Download You Tube videos on your android – Downloading You Tube videos to your mobile is one of the interesting practices everybody wants to perform. But the official You Tube app doesn’t permits downloading of the videos to your handset.

On Google Play Store, we can find many third party apps that help you in downloading the You Tube videos in all formats such as mp3, mp4, HD etc. But these apps don’t ensure the downloading all the time. So here is a trick which can help you to download the videos in all formats using any android browser.

  • Method to download videos:

For downloading the videos one has to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open You Tube in your android as you normally do.


Step 2: Navigate the video you want to download using the You Tube app.


 Step 3: Click on the share option and copy the link of the video to clipboard.


  Step 4: Copy the link and paste it in the browser’s (Google Chrome/Firefox) search bar.


Step 5: Press the enter key and search for videos via browser


 Step 6: Add ‘ss’ before the keyword ‘youtube’ in the link and visit it.


Step 7:  Press the enter button and now you can download the video in any format from the link.


Thank You

Now you can easily download the videos from the You Tube and watch it later.



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