How to Hide Files in Android without App

Hide Files in Android without App –  Many people are unaware of the fact that in order to hide your files in android, there is a predefined method present on every Android phone. Using that method an Android user can hide any type of file including photos, audios, videos, documents (pdf, doc, ppt etc) and so on. All you need is a file manager installed on your android mobile phone. And the best part is that by default most of the android phone has pre-installed file manager. If not, you can install any file manager from the play store. Below are some downloading links to the popular file manager for Android users.

file-managerexplorer-apk es-file-manager-explorer-apk-android file manager android

Most of the people consider installing third party locking apps such as App Lock, Audio Manager etc to hide files in android. But as you all know these apps utilizes your phone space in order to get install. And also while using third party apps, you will see many popups and ads, while using the app. And the last point which makes installing third party app irrelevant in order to hide files in Android is that sometimes you have to install another app in your android phone in order to hide that app which is hiding your files.

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So today I will share with you about the most user-friendly and most secure Android privacy protecting method which will you get absolutely free of cost. So without any further do, let’s start the guide to safely hide files in android without an app. “Once the contents are hidden, they will not be seen in the gallery as well”.

Method to Hide Files in Android without App

Step 1-> Open your Android phone’s File Manager. I am using File Manager (File transfer) by Cheetah Mobile. You can use any file manager.

Step 2-> Browse through the file or folder, which you want to hide. It may be folder, image, audio file, video file or any document folder in file manager android

Step 3-> Now rename your File | Folder by adding  . (dot symbol) before the name of file | folder that you want to hide. For example my folder new name is now .Amit Mishra. Now no one will be able to see this folder including yourself.

hide files in android without app

Tip 1 – You can hide individual image|video|audio|document file by putting dot (.) before that file.

Step 4-> Don’t worry you can see all hidden file|folders by clicking on show hidden Folder under settings.

Step 5-> Done!! 

hide files in android without app

Tip 2 – Create a folder with some name. Paste your files or folder which you want to hide inside this newly created folder. You just need to rename your secret folder by putting . (dot) before the name of folder. When you wanted to see that folder, just tap on Show all Hidden files.

Note: If you have any doubt in implementing the method of “Hide Files in Android without App” then you can comment us below

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