How to Set Up Local Server / Localhost Using XAMPP

To make a local host on your computer, you can install either XAMPP or WAMP for your localhost. Both come with MySQL and PHP. I will be using XAMPP as it is cross-platform and can be installed on any Operating System. This is how to install XAMPP.

Step 1. Download XAMPP installer from here as per your Operating System.

Step 2. After downloading it, double click the .exe file and start the installation by selecting your desired language.

select_language xampp

Step 3. If you are installing on Windows, and the dialog occurs that tells you not to install XAMPP on C:\program files, then click OK.

Step 4. Click Next and verify that all check boxes are checked

choose_components xampp


Step 5. Verify your installation location


Step 6. Click next and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 7. Finish the installation and click Yes in the dialogue to start your Control Panel



Step 8. If the XAMPP control panel does not start automatically, then find it in your menu item and click on it to make it run. After it runs you will see this window:

XAMPP Control Panel untick - AfterLecture

Step 9. Click on the Start button next to Apache, and wait for apache to start. After Apache has started, click on the Start button next to MySQL. Wait for MySQL to start. Both Apache and MySQL are running now.

XAMPP Control Panel - AfterLecture

Step 10. Now open your browser and type localhost, it should redirect you to this localhost/xampp/ which means you have configured it properly.


This is a very basic tutorial of how to setup MySQL with PHP using the XAMPP.

In the next article we will tell you how to make your own database inside PHP My Admin / SQL using XAMPP. So stay tune with us.

Note : If you face any problem in configuring XAMPP in your system or to set up local server on your system than please feel free to ask here.

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