How To Pause Windows Update

We all like using windows, because of its simplicity and ease of working but a windows update could be very annoying, especially when we are low on our data usage.

Most of our data or our complete daily data bandwidth just go down because of the automatic windows update which many times we don’t want or sometimes we want to postpone. In this guide we will go through several methods and techniques to pause or postpone a windows update.

pausing windows update


 1. Using cmd(admin)

This method works most of the time and is very popular. Go through the instruction and you will be able to pause the  update.

Firstly, you should be connected with a working internet connection.

step 1 : open the command prompt (Admin). Either search for it or right click on the window button on the screen.

In case you are not able to find cmd, then you can go for the windows powershell(admin).

step 2: Enter the first command net stop wuauserv

step 3: Enter the second command net stop bits

step 4: Enter the third command net stop dosvc

I hope you would have successfully pause the update, if not refer to the next method.


2. using metered connection

Though windows does not provide any pause button to stop the update but it has a very cool feature of metered connection. Setting a connection as metered puts you in control, and it’s essential on some types of connections like mobile hotspot or ethernet cable connection.

With the help of a metered connection, your background apps will not consume any data. The restriction over using data is also applicable for:

  • most of your window update will not download over metered connection but still after the creators update of windows, Microsoft will download only critical updates over metered connection.
  • Your app store will also not be able to automatic update the applications in your system.
  • Even your live tiles will not get updated.
  • Some of the background application which you want may behave differently.

To switch on the metered connection just follow the steps below.

Click on your network icon or ( win + B -> Enter ).

Head on to properties of the network and switch on the metered connection.

pausing windows

Metered connection will definitely help you to pause the update and it is the most simplest one. If you have any suggestion or query, please post your comments below.


3. Using services.msc

Window has this powerful feature to control the services running or disabled in your system. With the help of services.msc you can start, stop or automate any service of your computer. This tool should be used carefully as stopping some services can make your system unstable.

The good news is that we can stop the Microsoft update service with the help of this.

step 1: press window key + R  and then type services.msc and hit enter.

step 2: Search for windows update and right click on it and then click stop.


Pausing an update would have an important task for you. But the best part is that you know how to do that now. If you have an suggestions or queries please post your comment.







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