Recover deleted files in Windows

It must have happened to you that you accidentally deleted a file by clicking shift + Delete+Enter and then you panic not knowing what to do next.

The below steps will surely help you recover your lost files at once.

recover files


1. Download the software Recuva or any recovery software but its the best in my opinion and then install it.

2. Perform deep scan. It will take some time depending upon your PC configuration but its worth the time.

recover files

3. After scanning search for your desired files and select them carefully, if you have followed the above steps cautiously the chances of your files appearing with a green signal (implying it is not corrupted) are high.

recover files

4.Right click on the file that you want to recover  then Hit the recovery button

recover files
5.Make sure you recover the files on another flash drive/external HDD/CD/DVD but not on your internal hard disk as it will again overwrite on the disk and the recovered file may get corrupted.

6. Select your external memory drive where you want to recover your files and then hit OK. Wait for the process to get over.

That’s it. You have successfully recovered your permanently deleted files.

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