Transfer Files between Android and PC over Wifi

We have seen many people still using a USB cable to transfer data, but most of them receive an error ‘USB Not Recognized’. Even when they try to use Bluetooth, the result is not up to the mark as the range and transfer speed is very low. Now you can easily transfer files between android and PC. You don’t need to use a USB cable or internet for data transfer. All you would like to try to do is install this package each in PC and Android phone. The name of this software is “Connect2” which is a Lenovo product after “ShareIt”

“ShareIt” by Lenovo for PC has many bugs and it is very difficult to pair the devices. But this new software by Lenovo can do the job for us. Below is the step by step procedure. Internet connection is required only, to download Connect2 application in PC and android phone. It  uses WiFi hotspot between your Mobile phone and PC. So it is very fast compared to bluetooth. Connect2 took 71 seconds to send 323 MB file. You can also setup connection between two android mobiles by using Connect2.


  • Easy to connect by QR code.
  • Can share data between two Mobile Phones also.
  • Can share files , Photos , Videos and Apps etc

Note: You can download connect2  app for windows, android and android-Chinese but it will be available for apple ios in near future.

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Method to Transfer Files between Android and PC over Wifi

Step 1: Download Connect2 by lenovo for PC from here

Step 2: Now open Connect2 for PC and a screen like this will appear.

Transfer files between android and PC

Step 3: Open Connect2 in mobile as well, you will see the screen shown below

Transfer files between android and PC

Step 4: Now choose the option from the PC app “Click here to show the QR Code” whereas choose the option from the mobile app “Scan the PC QR Code”.

Step 5: Now scan the QR code generated on the PC screen from the Mobile phone.

Step 6: That’s it. Now you can send and receive files between your mobile phone and Computer.

Download Connect2 click here

Note: If you find any difficulty to configure ‘Connect2’ to transfer files between android and PC than please feel free to ask us by commenting on this post below. You can register to our website to receive more interesting updates.

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