How to Use Whatsapp as a Private Store

Use Whatsapp as a Private Store – WhatsApp is more than just a messaging app. We have been mistreatment WhatsApp primarily for text electronic communication and calling. However, there are few of alternative attention-grabbing uses for WhatsApp, just like the one we are discussing here. You can use WhatsApp as a private storehouse for your notes, voice memos, documents, images, videos etc. Using a few actions, you can primarily send files to yourself or create temporary, safe cloud storage making use of WhatsApp.

As far as security point is a concern, it uses end-to-end encryption and supports two-factor authentication, which makes it among the safest messaging apps around. So rather than storing your documents on any other platform such as Google Drive, Gmail, media-fire etc, we can store our data on this safest messaging app (WhatsApp). You can also use the app to quick transfer files between computer and Smart Phone using QR code technique.

Step by Step Procedure to Use Whatsapp as a Private Store

Step 1 -> Open WhatsApp and create a new group.

Step 2 -> Add any contact from your Mobile address book to this new group. Give your group a name and save.

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Step 3 -> Go to the group in WhatsApp, tap the subject to view participants. Tap and hold the participant and remove them from the group.

Use Whatsapp as a Private Store

Step 4 -> Now you have a private store in WhatsApp that is visible only to you and accessible from the web (desktop) and your mobile phone.

whatsapp as a private store

Step 5 -> (Optional) You can also transfer memo, voice note, photo, links, a document from mobile phone to PC and vice-versa. On computer’s browser open to get the barcode screen. On a mobile phone, tap on the WhatsApp Web and scan the barcode. Once the connection is established, transferring files between mobile and computer are very easy.

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