How to Watch Stars Wars using Command Prompt

I know, it’s hard to believe right, that how can someone Watch Stars Wars using Command Prompt? But in the 21st Century, it is possible to watch something on cmd that is in reality quite hard to even download. Here we will show you How to Watch Stars Wars using Command Prompt. This Star Wars movie will be presented in its ASCII version. However there is one Condition to watch it, that is that you must have an active Internet Connection because we’ll be playing this online. Let’s see now how to do it:-

Steps (1-4) are only required for Window 10 Users
Other Windows users will start from Step 5 in order to Watch Stars Wars using Command Prompt


1:- Open Control Panel by searching it in windows bar.

Control Panel

2:- Open Programs.

Programs in Control Panel

3:- Click on “Turn Window features on or off”.(Click Here if you want to turn your Windows update off)

Windows Features

4:- A dialogue box will appear. Scroll and Search through it to find an option of Telnet Client. Enable it and Click ok. After that, these Features will be enabled.


5:-Open Command Prompt by searching for it in Windows bar

Command Prompt

6:-For Window Vista,7,8 we need to download Telnet. Therefore type (pkgmgr /iu:”TelnetClient”) to download it.

Press Enter and then wait for it to install and finish. Besides that, for Windows 10 users we have already activated Telnet.

Telnet Client

7:- Type Telnet and Enter. This will open the Telnet Interface on your Computer.

Telnet Interface Windows

Step 8:- Type “o” and therefore press Enter. This will open a Telnet Connection


Step 9:- Type “” in front of “( to)”. And then Simply Press Enter. This will finally launch the movie and now u can watch Star Wars movies using Comand Prompt.


Hope you Enjoy it. Have fun.

The movie will appear like this:-

Watch Stars Wars using Command Prompt

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